Financial Experts Offer Advice on Considerations when Retiring

Many Americans will know the worry and concerns that can arise when it comes to funds for retirement. As many reports have illustrated, there is a retirement crisis looming whereby many people may find themselves without sufficient funds to continue with the standard of living that they have become accustomed to and some may even […]

UK Financial Ombudsman Sees Payday Loan Complaints Triple in a Year

The United Kingdom has been intensely clamping down on the payday loan industry for a couple of years now. Everything from reforming the way the industry operates to changing the way they seek government approval, the financial alternative has really been given a makeover in Britain. With the crackdown, one would conclude that everything would […]

Factors that Affect Retirement Planing

A recent report has shown how the plans of many people who retire are being disrupted by unexpected events, with some factors more common than others. Many people who are nearing retirement make plans to do the things that they never got to do while working but no matter how carefully they plan some are […]

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